Over 15 years of leadership & staff experience in county, state, & local government finance.

Budget Director & Analyst under 4 Governors in Utah, Alaska, & California.

Father of six, small business owner, foster parent.

PhD in Leadership, Masters & Bachelors in Public Policy.

Leader in Conservative Fiscal Policy.

Clarifying fiscal processes for citizens and county leaders, simplifying government, reducing costs.

Extensive Government Budgets Experience: building, reviewing, analyzing, presenting, defending, examining, implementing, publishing, monitoring, and auditing budgets.

Broad Auditing Experience: Managing, conducting, writing, reviewing, implementing, and responding to budget, financial, and program audits.

See What Makes Dirk REAL. RIGHT. READY.

What People are Saying About Dirk

“I’ve known Dirk for nearly twenty years. He and his family are neighbors. Over the years I have had the opportunity to get well acquainted with Dirk and his family. I have observed over the years that when he has a job or task to complete, he is very determined to complete his project in the proper manner and in a timely fashion. I’ve discussed his employment in different government organizations and know that he is highly qualified and respected. As I have associated with Dirk and his family over the years, I know that he is well liked by both adults and youth. He’s also a very good family man and has helped raise wonderful children. He spends a great deal of time with each child, and they are respectful of him. I know that if he is chosen as the Cache County Auditor, he would be very efficient and highly respected by those he serves.”

Wayne D. Smithfield

“Dirk has an exceptional talent for staying in touch with the community, demonstrating a deep understanding of what matters most to the people. If you are in the room with him you can’t help but feel his kindness and positive energy! He has consistently gone out of his way to educate and assist me with my county-related issues. The way he involves his team to resolve matters efficiently and effectively is impressive. Dirk is one of the smartest and detail-oriented individuals I know. His personal commitment to helping individuals like myself, coupled with his dedication to make a real difference in our community, has inspired me over the years. He showcases the exceptional qualities of a leader who genuinely cares about his community.”

Christian T. Hyrum

“Dirk Anderson will bring positive change and efficiency to our county’s financial management. Wholeheartedly endorsing him for his dedication and transparency.”

Chad A. North Logan

“Dirk Anderson is one of the finest human beings I know because at his core he's a servant leader. Dirk is always focused outwardly, doing all he can to make a positive impact wherever or on whoever he is serving. I have never seen Dirk inwardly focused on his own accolades or agendas. In my mind he is part of a dying breed in politics, the True Public Servant. If you couple Dirk’s servant heart with his passion for our community and our country, and then throw in his years of experience, you have the perfect person to serve as our County Auditor.”

Steve S. Providence

“I can’t think of a better man to be our County Auditor!”

Barbara B. Nibley

“Dirk Anderson has been a true and loyal friend and co-worker. He cares and supports those around him with genuine team building. Dirk is devoted to public service and making the government systems function with efficiency for the greater good. Dirk has years of experience with government agencies and has made each role his priority. He finds solutions quickly for a better workplace.”

Sara D. Richmond

“Dirk is a team player. I have known Dirk for many years and he understands that business involves people with real lives; however, I have also seen Dirk consistently stand up for what is correct and right. Dirk is honest and committed to principles of integrity. I have witnessed Dirk on a personal level and professional level for many years and I have always seen Dirk maintain the highest level of integrity while at the same time being kind and friendly. Accuracy matters to Dirk and he is great at addressing the small details. Additionally, Dirk is approachable. Having someone in the Auditor's office who is full of integrity, personable, approachable, and committed to small details is a winning solution for Cache County.”

Adam B. Petersboro

“I have known Dirk most of his life. He is and has always been honest, dedicated, and considerate of others.”

Bud B. Nibley

“Dirk is simply the best. Knowledgeable, positive, caring, and thorough, Dirk is the leader Cache County needs. He's the right choice and ready to serve!”

Nathan C. Nibley

“I’ve known Dirk for over a decade and worked closely with him. Dirk is hardworking, dependable, analytical, and personable. His work ethic is evident in the effort he puts into every task and the quality of his work is excellent. He is an outstanding candidate and I wholeheartedly endorse him.”

Stephani B. Hyde Park

“Dirk has the unique ability to combine intelligence, pragmatism, and compassion into all he does. He is highly intelligent and sees the big picture, but he never forgets that his ultimate role is to serve and help individuals under his purview. I feel completely confident that, in this position, Dirk will always do what is right, and his leadership will positively impact Cache County for years to come.”

Katy A. Smithfield

“Dirk is a man with integrity and values. He strives for excellence in all that he does. Dirk loves God and his country and believes in protecting the freedoms the Founding Fathers insisted upon. He believes in protecting the family unit, has a positive and uplifting attitude and is a great example to those around him.”

Kristin F Logan

“Dirk has my vote. He has a balance of resolve coupled with positivity and strength with optimism. He has a clear vision of what government should be and how to make meaningful gains to make a difference. Dirk cares about the way constituents experience our local government and public programs, and he has the drive to make it better. He is equipped with wisdom that comes from decades of relevant experience and is guided by high moral character. When a person like Dirk is willing to run for office, we need to support him with our vote. Thank you for running Dirk!”

Bryant W Mendon

REAL Experience. RIGHT Principles. READY Leadership

An Independent Voice

Dirk will serve as an independent voice, guiding our county to follow code, statute, and government accounting standards, and to adopt best practices that improve transparency, accountability, efficiency, and performance.

Making Best Practices Our Standard

Dirk will bring best practices to all aspects of the county’s fiscal processes, including: budget development, adoption, and presentation; regular expenditure reporting; enhancing program performance and efficiency; and program and financial reviews and audits.

Excellence Through Transparency

Transparency enhances understanding and discussion for all stakeholders. Dirk will bring the transformative power of good information to positively affect our citizen involvement, county program improvement, and legislative and executive decision-making processes.

Audits = Progress

Recent audits of county programs have brought many opportunities for operational and fiscal improvement. Dirk will implement regular rotation of performance and financial audits, conducted with the intent to improve county compliance.

Public Service-Oriented

The Auditor’s office exists to serve the people and protect their tax contributions. Dirk’s “Service First, People Always” approach ensures the right things are done in the right way. His unique balance of dedication to fiscally sound processes and principles, with his putting people first approach, allows hard discussions to occur while maintaining everyone’s dignity.

Best Policies Always; Politics Never

Poor politics have driven poor policy. Dirk will put the true fiscal needs of the county and the citizens–as well as the best practices and policies–FIRST! He will explain and demonstrate the value of best government policies so that we do our best work for the citizens, putting THEIR needs above elected officials’ political interests.

An Independent Voice

Dirk will serve as an independent voice, guiding our county to follow code, statute, and government accounting standards, and to adopt best practices that improve transparency, accountability, efficiency, and performance.